Window to the World


April 2018

Cookware Couture celebrates Milan in its centuries old role as a capital of trade. The Salone del Mobile has established itself as the driving force in the world of today’s interior design bringing together creativity and business, and this year in particular, highlighted all things pertaining to the kitchen. Cookware Couture is privileged to have displayed their window to the world at Amleto Missagla, the prominent lifestyle and homeware luxury store now in its fourth generation.  Cookware Couture attracted hundreds of customers and guests throughout the week many of them who were drawn to its lustrous silvery collection that gleamed in the windows.   

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One of the highlights of the week was the aperitivo at the Missaglia showroom, sponsored by Salviati — the leader of important Venetian glasswork creations — which featured a presentation with guest Vittorio Sgarbi: renowned Italian art critic and TV personality of culture, former member of the Italian Parliment and man of many intellectual talents in his imminent career.  Sgarbi’s message was clear: throughout Italian history, cities experience times when they are living and thriving and adversely when their energy dies – the one constant is the importance of art as the force that drives the economy – its cultural contribution is the initial spark that ignites activity and without it, demise is sure to follow. 


With their collection, Cookware Couture applauds the very same message as its creations showcase the artisans who meticulously hand make each piece, lending their stamp of Florentine history and skill and keeping alive the culture and art which make Italian design so renowned in the world.

-Allyson Volpe

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