Cookware Couture. To Dress Any Table


Not long ago, a new cooking experience was forged out of the design studios of Cookware Couture, introducing its gorgeous silver cookware inspired by the centuries-old heritage of Tuscany.  It promises an extremely unique experience that incorporates garden to table delights for chefs of any ability.

Glistening in high style, the timeless elegance of Cookware Couture silver graces any table and kitchen.  The silver pot with its sinewy sheen, stands stalwart in readiness of its alchemical task in the kitchen.  Ready to take center stage.

From Garden to Table

The meal begins with the cultivation of seasonal fruits and vegetables with all of their color, texture, ripeness and readiness to go into the pot.  The anticipation of good tastes to come is already in the chef’s mind.

Whilst plotting the meal and searching through any garden or vegetable section, any butcher or fishmonger, the chef’s creativity begins with pairing the food with the Cookware Couture pan – possibly one giving inspiration to the other.  The delight of nature is matched with the expert craftsmanship of the Florentine design – each giving pure perfection to the mix.

The essence of the seasonal fruits and vegetables bursting with color and ripeness, heralds the next transformation in the kitchen.  Nature has done her perfect bit, the cook will then take over anticipating the pleasure of the dish to follow.  The results to come will no doubt derive from the complimentary colors and tastes soon to be melded together.  The argent Cookware Couture pot stands ready in its stalwart manner, patiently awaiting the alchemy to come.  

Cookware Couture in Action

The scene then moves to the kitchen. The menu decided, the prep work done. The long-enduring argent pot patiently awaits – the light of the stove’s flame, gently glinting upon its silvery sides and its elegant glow.  

In any cook’s hand, the Cookware Couture pot is lithe and light.  The bespoke handles fit confidently in the hand making them easy to maneuver.  The gleamingsilver is cool to the touch.  The silver composition of the pots has its own magnetic force - an undeniable delicious magnetism of its own.

The ingredients go in the pot and their even distribution of heat gives the cook added guarantee that the food will cook correctly.  This ease of cooking with the pots enhances the creative flow all the more.  The great benefit of cooking with silver is a safeguard that no harmful metals will leach into the mix and the taste of the food is enhanced.  Even better is the added bonus of highlighting what is being cooked within the beautiful presentation of the pot.  With this extra pizazz in the pot, the meal can be appreciated all the more so.

Then the drumroll moment arrives, the finished product is taken from the stove and moved directly to the table in its chosen Cookware Couture pot.  It is served with added aplomb and composure, in all its self-possessed collectedness.  This is pure seduction for the senses.

From Stove to Table and Beyond

The Cookware Couture pot holds VIP status in the middle of the table, silently sitting amongst the stories that create a lifetime of a family.  Gazing upon the pot, one realizes that this is couture in the kitchen, and with all of its timeless elegance it will stand the test of any passing fancy and fad.  The Cookware Couture pot resonates regality for decades to come, leaving all the others in the wake of time to their own fate of abandonment on the shelves of second hand shops.  

Not so the Cookware Couture pot.  The Cookware Couture pot has a destiny of its own.  It will be passed down from generation to generation, holding stories of fabulous meals made, fantastic feasts shared, of conversations had around the table, silently witnessing the declarations of the family history.  Knowing its positioned place, the graceful pot stands testimony to the stories that create a lifetime of a family, bearing witness as daily history unfolds certain it will be here long after each generation passes, being handed down like the magical key to the next family member.

With each usage of the pots, history is made, leaving a remembrance of delicious things past.

- Allyson Volpe