Meet Our Couturiers Of The Kitchen

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Personal chef Brianna De Gennaro, Florence, Italy

We are proud to have Brianna on board as one of our personal chefs for our Legendary Lunches and Divine Dinners in Florence. She works culinary magic in our cookware for us all to enjoy in the comfort of your beautiful home in Florence.

 A New York native, Briana chose to begin her formal training at The Culinary Institute of America, where Briana received a degree in Culinary Arts, as well as Hospitality and Management. In 2011, Briana decided it was time to follow her dream to move to Italy and immerse herself into the rich culture of food and wine that she had always loved. Her first stop on this new Italian adventure began at Ora D’Aria, a Michelin star restaurant in the heart of Florence. Here she learned a new modern twist, on classic Tuscan cuisine. She also spent time outside of the professional kitchen to learn from some of Italy’s real masters, the mothers and grandmothers of locals who shared with her, the secrets of genuine Italian cuisine. 


Chef Alessandro Gargani from La Cucina del Garga, Florence, Italy

The spirited, well known chef Alessandro Gargani is passionate about our concept and has been using our Risotteria pan for his famous pasta dish “Tagliatelle del Magnifico”. He remarks on how this particular pasta, which has been a classic, is taken to another level when cooked in a silver pan: " You taste the ingredients individually but amalgamated so perfectly creating a sublime experience."