Enriching Our Lives With Works Of Art From Traditional Florentine Artisans

Silver…That luminous precious metal that has not only graced the tables of kings and nobility for centuries but the alchemists and craftsmen of yore knew well that this durable element of elegance also possessed utmost hygienic properties.  It was not happenstance that goblets, christening dishes, silver spoons, utensils and plates all were crafted in this meticulous metal.  Silver not only is the world’s best heat conductor in the kitchen, it also brings refinement to the food without seeping any toxic substance.   Within the lustrous silver pots, the full fledged flavours are allowed to stand on their own giving a culinary finesse that will not disappoint.

Our cookware is hand crafted by artisans outside of Florence who specialize in cookware for the last five generations. Silver cookware was produced for noble families from the 16th century onward by silversmiths in Florence. Silver being the most hygienic metal was used not only for cooking, but utensils, drinking glasses and serving dishes. The tradition of giving a silver spoon and cup at a baby christening was not only because of its intrinsic beauty but for health reasons. With these craftsmen, we are bringing back the Florentine integrity and traditions of workmanship that have been lost in the last century.

The creation process of a piece of cookware takes roughly four weeks. From start to finish, we at Cookware Couture are passionate about the design of our creations, each piece being professionally executed to the highest standard. The result is an exquisite piece of cookware, a family heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation.