Cookware Couture is synonymous with exceptional quality and impeccable craftsmanship. Its design principles exude the distinct signature of refined elegance.  The Florentine based luxury company is built upon the artisan principles of Quality, Design and Craftsmanship.

The launch of Cookware Couture is an amalgamation of four essential ingredients – the Tuscan countryside, a passionate artisan, a discerning cook and a lover of healthy food.  Enriched in historical traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, our objective is to bring from the past, the Florentine craftsmanship of silver cookware and to reintroduce into modern day kitchens the healthy benefits derived from cooking with silver.


Introducing our lustrous eight piece set of cookware in hammered silver and further expanding into kitchen accessories, we are driven by a deep appreciation of artisan principles and workmanship. Cookware Couture is committed to producing products at the highest level with maximum attention to detail, and we plan to take these principles into the future with a focus on the five benefits of cooking in pure silver which are:  non toxic metal, enhanced taste of ingredients, superior conductivity, effortless elegance- stove to table top service, and keeping the tradition of passing on family heirlooms to future generations.