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Cookware Couture is .999 pure silver with a copper core, handcrafted by artisans near Florence, whose families have been working in professional cookware for five generations. Silver is not only beautiful and luxurious, but is historically known for its antibacterial properties and preservation of the natural flavors of fresh ingredients. It is considered the healthiest metal used for cookware - after all "We are what we eat."- and if one invests in organic fresh ingredients, why wouldn't one invest in non toxic cookware?

Cookware Couture is proud to relaunch the Florentine tradition of silver cookware in a modern new way which is perfect for our everyday lifestyle. Stove top to dining table, food cooked in the beautifully designed cookware is served directly to the table, making the whole dining experience effortless, but elegant at the same time. 

Each piece represents the quintessential Italian lifestyle - celebration of food, life, family and friends - memorable gatherings around the table.

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